Moving to the Cloud: What Our Research Says

moving to the cloud

Even before the Coronavirus crisis hit, most companies were already aware of the value of moving to the cloud, and many had started or completed the process.

Now that we’ve all transitioned as much as possible to doing everything remotely, cloud migration is an even more urgent priority across industries and sectors.

This urgency highlights some of the challenges associated with moving to the cloud, such as being forced to quickly decide on full or partial migration, which platform to use, and selecting between lift-and-shift or cloud-native.

For many companies, these uncertainties are compounded by knowledge gaps in comprehensive planning and development, implementation, and post-migration processes.

Our Tecknoworks Netherlands office was particularly interested in how all these factors were affecting Dutch tech companies, and how they planned on making their own shift to the cloud.

To find out, the team conducted a survey of over 150 executives working for tech organizations in the Netherlands.

Moving to the Cloud – Research Summary

Some of the findings include:


  • About 10% of companies have not yet migrated at all, even partially
  • Among companies that have started, there is an almost even split between lift-and-shift and cloud-native
  • About 45% of companies choose to outsource at least part of the project


The report also includes some common setbacks and struggles companies encounter in their quest to migrate. These include:


  • Concerns about speed and security
  • Challenges with changing company culture and work processes
  • Existing applications not being cloud-ready

Moving to the Cloud – Full Report

You can download the full report in Dutch here, and in English here.

Are you considering moving to the cloud? Contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your possibilities.