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Challenges of a complex healthcare landscape

Healthcare providers and payors are facing intricate challenges that influence the quality of care. These challenges impact the entire healthcare spectrum, often leading to less-than-optimal health results. Key issues include:

Consumer Satisfaction

Among 47 benchmarked industries in the US, health insurance companies stand at 36th, while hospitals are at a concerning 44th in consumer satisfaction.

Cost Concerns

An alarming 75% of global health insurers predict rising medical costs in the upcoming three years, affecting every link in the healthcare chain.

Chronic Disease Impact

Over 100 million Europeans are affected by chronic diseases, which are responsible for a staggering 86% of deaths in the European Region, according to WHO.

Addressing these challenges in isolation isn't the answer. To be more effective, the industry needs to view them as connected issues. This is where Tecknoworks’ healthcare cloud services come into play.

Our integrated healthcare cloud capabilities

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Security and regulations

Our healthcare cloud enablement solutions ensure you keep pace with the complex and demanding regulatory environment and handle patient, partner, employee, and customer data with the required sensitivity.

Built-in compliances

Rest assured with our built-in compliances with 90+ industry-specific regulations and protocols: GDPR, HIPAA, FIHR, and HITRUST.

Audit logs

Our solutions efficiently respond to regulatory, litigation, and investigation discovery requests using AI to find relevant data.

Legal e-discovery

We easily identify, hold, and manage information that may be relevant in legal cases with legal hold and content search.

Data loss prevention

We help you prevent the intentional or accidental exposure of sensitive information, helping ensure you meet regulatory requirements (Chinese walls, Black boxes).

Sensitivity labels and policies

With our support, you can control access to your teams and set policies to block and prevent sensitive information from being sent in private chats or channels.

Data encryption

Our solutions encrypt data in transit and at rest using Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) for video, audio, files, chat, and desktop sharing.

Code Smells and Refactoring

Innovative healthcare delivery with Tecknoworks

At Tecknoworks, we empower healthcare providers with a robust, secure, and enterprise-grade cloud environment tailored to your unique needs, regardless of where you stand in your cloud journey.

Our healthcare cloud enablement solutions bring together trusted and integrated capabilities from Microsoft and Tecknoworks to help organizations create personalized patient experiences, give clinicians connected tools, and adopt data standards important to healthcare, all while upholding the highest security and compliance standards.

Whether you’re looking to transition legacy systems or modernize existing workloads, our state-of-the-art technology ensures seamless integration and application creation in the cloud. With Tecknoworks at your side, healthcare institutions, big or small, can swiftly adapt and innovate, meeting the dynamic needs of patients and the industry with agility and precision.

18+ Years of Microsoft Partnership

As early adopters of Microsoft cloud technologies, Tecknoworks is in the top 1% of Microsoft Cloud Partners worldwide. Along with this advanced organizational expertise, our team has earned dozens of elite Microsoft certifications and awards.


Use Cases & Scenarios

Scenarios built specifically for you healthcare organization

Enhance patient engagement

Deliver personalized experiences to engage patients in secure, individualized encounters through every point of care.

Empower health team collaboration

Connect, engage, and efficiently manage your frontline healthcare workforce with tools that help them provide the best possible care.

Improve clinical and operational insights

Connect data from across systems, creating insights to enable healthcare providers to predict risk and help improve patient care, quality assurance, and operational efficiencies.

Enhance clinician experiences

Connect, engage, and efficiently manage your frontline healthcare workforce with tools that help them provide the best possible care.

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