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How To Avoid Disaster in Technology Implementation

We are living in truly transformative times. Companies have more opportunities than ever before to use technology to improve organizational…

by Razvan Furca

Exciting Digital Trends in Healthcare for 2023 and Beyond

Healthcare, like many other sectors, is undergoing a massive technological shift – one that goes far beyond frontiers of tech…

by Tecknoworks
Moving to the cloud - digital cloud showing related business elements

Moving to the Cloud: What Our Research Says

Even before the pandemic forced companies across the globe to re-evaluate their technology, most were already aware of the value of…

by Tecknoworks
Our CEO in conversation about the future of work

The Future of Work: A Conversation with Our CEO

It’s no secret that the last few years have brought major challenges to many of us personally, as well as…

Data Analysis in Business

Data Analysis in Business: 5 Tips for Getting Started

We all know that data is being generated at incredible rates, to the tune of 2 quintillion bytes every single…

by Tecknoworks
what is data science

What is Data Science?

What is Data Science? “Data science” is one of those terms that you’ve been hearing for years. You know it’s…

by Tecknoworks