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Expert data analytics services and business intelligence solutions that enhance your entire data pipeline, with the power of AI technologies, for improved quality and impactful insights.

The Era of Data Proliferation and AI

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, is crucial to control and master the power of data. Each day vast amounts of data are generated, providing opportunities for gaining valuable insights. However, this abundance also brings challenges, from managing and interpreting large datasets to overcoming data silos that hinder effective utilization.

This is where new technologies come into play. Wherever you are in your data journey, our services cover every stage, from data collection, ingestion, processing, analysis, and visualization using powerful AI tools. All leading to the development of customized data analytics solutions that deliver substantial business benefits:


Enhanced Decision-Making

Transform complex data streams into clear, actionable insights for informed strategic decisions.


Operational Efficiency

Streamline data processing and integrate diverse data sources, to help you scale with business growth.

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Data-Driven Innovation

Empower teams with real-time data analytics for innovative strategies and accelerated solutions.

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Revenue Opportunities

Uncover new revenue streams through insightful data analysis, product creation and utilization.

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Secure & Custom Solutions

Bespoke data solutions tailored for specific business needs, focusing on security, compliance and accessibility.

Microsoft Solution Partner

The close collaboration and complete coverage of Microsoft Azure services made us a leading Data & AI partner, enabling us to develop data solutions, automation processes, and cloud apps that meet every regulation needed.

We are pioneers in integrating Azure’s innovative solutions, following the best practices and guidelines outlined in Azure’s Well-Architected and Cloud Adoption Frameworks. We deliver quick adoption processes of these new technologies with immediate business impact for solutions, both cloud-based and on-premise.

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Stages of Our Data Analytics Services

Data analytics services, from collecting, processing, storing, analyzing, and visualizing ingested data were adapted to a project wireframe that covers all the stages of a typical data analytics solution, with the possibility of adapting it to your needs.

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Data Assessment and Strategy Planning

Thoroughly assess your current data landscape to identify opportunities and devise a strategic plan for data utilization.


Proof of Concept Development and Evaluation

Develop, deliver and test a PoC to prove the practical applications and benefits of our proposed data analytics solutions.


Data Pipeline Design and Implementation

We will build a robust data pipeline to efficiently collect, process, and manage your data.


Data Storage and Transformation

Implements secure and scalable data storage solutions, coupled with advanced data transformation techniques.


Data Modeling and Reporting

Develops data models to extract meaningful insights, complemented by comprehensive reporting tools for visualization.


Custom Web Portals for Data Access

Creates user-friendly web portals for easy access and interaction with your data products

Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence services, and the reports sharing solution (Power Portal) we provide, will help you gain valuable insights into your business operations enabling you to make better decisions, improve efficiency, and achieve better results.

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Alignment with Business Objectives

We work closely with you to understand your unique objectives and tailor our BI services to support your mission, drive growth, and maximize your return on investment.

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BI Environment Optimization

Our expert team analyzes your existing data environment setup, identifying compliance risks, duplicate or unused reports or bad data reports.


Data Integration & Management

We help you consolidate, clean, and transform data from multiple sources and internal systems, creating a unified and easily accessible platform for all your business needs.


Data Security & Compliance

We adhere to strict industry standards, keeping your sensitive data secure and compliant. We follow key regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, ISO27001, SOC 2, and PCI DSS to ensure the highest security levels.


Dedicated Team

Our managed dedicated team model ensures smooth execution, from planning to deployment, with access to a specialized team, tailored to your project needs without recruitment, training, or overhead costs.

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Reports Sharing Solution

Share Power BI and Tableau reports with internal or external users, via browser or mobile app with no additional Pro licenses required.

Tools & technologies we use

Leverage cutting-edge tools and technologies to transform your business intelligence landscape. Our team of experts specializes in utilizing industry-leading Azure Data Services, including:


Azure Cloud Services

Virtual machines and container services, databases like SQL and NoSQL, AI and machine learning tools, DevOps, analytics, and more.


Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning, cognitive services, bot service, Databricks, AI powered search, cognitive search, form recognizer.


Microsoft Fabric

Data Engineering, Data Factory, Data Science, Data Warehouse, Real-Time Analytics, and Power BI into a unified SaaS platform.

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