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Our Story

In 2001, Tecknoworks founder Razvan Furca recognized that technology was becoming a serious challenge for many executive teams. It was the dawn of “digital transformation” …the beginning of an unstoppable shift toward a new, digitized business world. And even though many forward-thinking leaders wanted to take advantage of technology, one crucial ingredient was missing from their approach: Big-picture strategy.

With a background in both business development and computer science, Razvan knew that companies needed to view technology as a strategic process, not just a best guess. He made it his mission to help CEOs across the globe cut through the noise, showing them how to identify and implement their ideal digital solutions.

Two decades later, the need for clear, purposeful digital strategy is greater than ever. Razvan’s one-man operation has grown into a team of more than 90 Tecknoworkers, with offices across the globe. We all share a common goal: Empowering organizations to launch their digital initiatives with confidence and success.

Leadership Team

Maarten Roerink

Chief Executive Officer

Cătălin Pop

Chief Strategic Initiatives Officer

Ionut Neagoș

Chief Technology Officer

Horațiu Agârbiceanu

Chief Information Security Officer

Ancuta Popa

Finance Director

Our Results

$4 Million
Increase in annual revenue

for a US Retail Company

50K New Active Users
Within two months

for a European Retail Company

Trains running at maximum efficiency

for a Canadian Transportation Company

Fleet optimization

for a European Resources & Operations Company

$12 Million
In total savings

for a US Pharma Company

1000% ROI
Achieved within one month

for a UK Healthcare Company

Our Awards

Gold Partner status is Microsoft’s highest level of partner
distinction, demonstrating superior accomplishment in
technological capabilities, implementation, and customer success.

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