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We’re more than just a technology company, we are pioneers in the digital landscape, dedicated to empowering businesses and organizations through transformative solutions.

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We’re honored to work with world-class brands.

Our story is one of innovation, expertise, and a relentless commitment to excellence.

“Founded in 2001, Tecknoworks emerged at the forefront of the digital transformation era, a period marked by the rapid digitization of the business world. Looking at the challenges faced by executive teams all around the world, we realized that technology should be a strategic cornerstone in business, not just a supplementary tool. 

Over the past two decades, as the digital landscape has evolved, so has our mission. What began as a vision to demystify technology for businesses has grown into a global endeavor. Today, Tecknoworks stands as a collective of over 100 skilled professionals, spanning multiple continents, all united by a single mission: to empower organizations in launching and succeeding in their digital initiatives.”

Răzvan Furca, CEO

Our Expertise

Our growth from a small team to an international one reflects our deep understanding of the digital domain and our commitment to delivering purposeful, strategic digital solutions. At Tecknoworks, we’re not just about embracing technology; we’re about integrating it into the very fabric of business to drive innovation, efficiency, and success.

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Tecknoworkers worldwide

Our diverse community of professionals spans 10 countries and 3 continents.

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Projects completed

Impactful solutions guided by strategy, insight, and cutting-edge technology.

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Fortune 500 clients

The world’s most profitable companies trust us to keep them ten steps ahead.

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Terabytes of data migrated

With no data loss, no integrity loss, no security breaches, and no downtime.

Our Vision and Core Values

Our vision is to be the boutique technology partner of choice for innovative organizations. With over two decades of experience, we are committed to delivering impactful, meaningful work that exceeds client expectations and fosters an environment of continuous learning and professional growth for our team. 

Driven by an insatiable curiosity, we constantly explore and adopt innovative technologies to maximize the value we deliver to our clients. We aim to be a highly profitable organization, enabling us to invest in talent development, innovation, and further growth. Our core values are the wireframe we build on continuously and adaptively.



We constantly grow our knowledge and challenge the consensus.



Big results require bold actions and fearless adoption of new technologies.



Always striving to be our best, for ourselves and those around us.



Harnessing the brilliance of our diverse and talented team.



We are going above and beyond for lasting client impact.

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