Cloud Data

Cloud data services are at the core of our offerings, providing integrated, and future-proof solutions for any imaginable data need. 
Cloud data services are at the core of our offerings, providing integrated, and future-proof solutions for any imaginable data need. 

Unlocking the power of the cloud

At our founding, Tecknoworks focused on software engineering, creating fully customized digital solutions. Soon after, we recognized that the revolutionary power of data would alter the business landscape forever. We became early and vocal advocates of analytics and BI, initiating data journeys for Fortune 500 companies around the world. Today, cloud data services are at the core of our offerings, providing complete, integrated, and future-proof solutions for any imaginable data need. 

Tecknoworks and Microsoft

We have been an early pioneer in Microsoft cloud and data technologies, even before having a formal relationship with Microsoft. Ever since we developed a very close and productive relationship with Microsoft working with the global account technology strategy teams and the product teams. Besides becoming a gold level partner in many competencies, we worked in innovation projects together and collaborated across many initiatives.

Gold Partner status is Microsoft’s highest level of partner
distinction, demonstrating superior accomplishment in
technological capabilities, implementation, and customer success.

What We Do

Our default mindset: Anything is possible. From ideation to delivery, we uncover every opportunity to solve your business problems, maximize your profit, and propel your growth.

As data has become the key commodity in the business world, helping organizations get the most value out of their data is a critical mission for us.

We accomplish this through targeted, impactful consulting and solution implementation.

Core services and solutions

Cloud Data Platform
Cloud Migration
Cloud Managed Services

See Our Results

Digital Transformation in Action

15% Sales Increase in Two Months

Learn how a kitchenware retailer increased users by 50K and sales by 15% in just two months.


Energy Company Saves $3M in 18 Months

Learn how we helped the world's leading renewable energy company eliminate supply chain inefficiencies and optimize logistics.


Our Skills and Capabilities

Every digital initiative should serve one ultimate goal: Honing your competitive edge. Our team has the big-picture vision and superior technical skills that make it happen.

Languages and Frameworks

Back-end, Front-end, Mobile, and Process Automation

Data Platforms and Tools

Relational DB engines, NoSQL, Big Data, and Data Visualizations

Artificial Intelligence

AI Toolkit, ML Scenarios, and NLP Scenarios


Cloud Platforms, Architectures, Project Management, DevOps, Product Discovery and Design

Done-For-You Solutions

Our existing innovations, tailored to you for quick wins, big impact, and ongoing success.


Securely share your Power BI dashboards with unlimited users via browser or mobile app.

Skyline Sales Multiplier

Combining actionable, real-time sales intelligence with a fully customized strategy for growth.

Insight Snapshot

The fast, low-risk way to discover if data analytics is the right move for your organization.

Tecknoworks is proud to be ISO27001-certified, demonstrating adherence to the highest possible international standards for information security. This achievement is one more way our clients feel 100% confident in our reliability, data protection, and above-and-beyond approach to all we do.

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