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Definitive Microsoft Experience

Our lasting Microsoft partnership enhances our commitment to delivering technology solutions, that focus on your business needs. In over 20 years in tech, we successfully developed 2000+ projects, underscoring our expertise and dedication. Enable your business to achieve top-tier advantages.

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Azure Data Services

Scalable, secure cloud solutions for data management, and analytics driven insights, tailored for every data pipeline phase.

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Cloud-based Automation

Comprehensive cloud-based automation, update management, and consistent control across Azure and non-Azure environments.

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Microsoft Funding

We guide your business and help you tap into Microsoft's project funding to enhance your cloud-based operations and needs.


Business Intelligence

Use powerful, real-time insights and decision-making capabilities through advanced analytics and extensive reporting tools.


Reliable Security & Compliance

High data security and compliance, offering encryption, access control, auditing, and tools for securing data in transit (including VPNs and SSL).

Microsoft Solution Partner

The close collaboration and full coverage of Microsoft Azure services, made us a leading Data & AI Microsoft partner, enabling us to develop automation processes, cloud apps, and data solutions that meet every regulation needed.

Tecknoworks is a pioneer in integrating Azure’s innovative solutions, following the best practices and guidelines outlined in Azure’s Well-Architected and Cloud Adoption Frameworks. We deliver quick adoption processes of these new technologies with immediate business impact, for solutions both cloud-based and on-premise.

This is What We Do

We empower businesses by delivering innovative cloud solutions positioning them at the forefront of their industries and ensuring a competitive edge, whether we refer to data services, software and app development, or AI and automation.

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Data Analytics & BI

Wherever you are in your data journey, our services cover every stage, from data collection, ingestion, processing, analysis, and visualization.


App & Software Development

We integrate advanced AI tools and cloud services into our software development process to create a more intelligent, faster, and cost-effective approach.


AI and Automation

This service line is dedicated to operationalizing and customizing Large Language Models (LLMs) like GPT, machine learning, and automating business processes.

To The Cloud and Beyond

Our experts are ready to boost your cloud setup, no matter where you find yourself in your cloud journey, driving your business’s digital transformation towards streamlined operations and competitive technical advantage.



Streamline your transition to the cloud, ensuring a smooth, efficient, and secure migration process.



Harness advanced Azure capabilities to optimize performance, and pioneer cutting-edge solutions.



Maintain and optimize your cloud environment, with seamless operations, security, and performance.


Security & Governance

Implement robust policies and controls for compliance, security, and efficient management.

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