The #1 Way to Share Power BI Reports

share Power BI reports
by Tecknoworks

Looking for a secure, cost-effective way to share Power BI reports, with no provisioning hassle and no expertise required? Read on.

COVID-19 has brought rapid and transformative changes to the way we do business across the world. Many organizations are now past the initial triage of creating secure and effective work-from-home processes.

They’re maintaining new ways of working, ensuring business continuity, and working to come out strong on the other side of this crisis.

This will look different for every business, depending on priorities and current states of resiliency. But they all rely on the same factor in making accurate and smart decisions: Data.

share Power BI reports

With data, the exact right answer is at your fingertips.

As examples, here’s just a very short list of what organizations want to know right now:


  • Adoption and success of remote tools
  • Strength of security plans, protocols, and infrastructure
  • Change in customer buying habits and future intent
  • Which digital initiatives to invest in for the new normal
  • Where to thoughtfully cut costs
  • How customers might respond to new innovations, such as a retailer rolling out AR that lets people “try on” clothes

Share Power BI Reports with Stakeholders

Equally important, business leaders need to be able to persuasively share that data with stakeholders. Data all by itself is valuable, but data in a compelling visualization is what brings buy-in.

However, Power BI users know that it’s difficult to securely share Power BI reports with others, unless you want to buy Premium or additional Pro licenses. This brings another challenge: Reducing spending wherever prudent.

In an effort to help businesses with this dilemma throughout the crisis, we’ve extended our free trial of PowerPortal, our Power BI report-sharing app.

share Power BI reports


Try it out for a full 30 days, with our free support and advice. If you like it, we’ll help you determine the most cost-effective way to move forward.

You can access PowerPortal here to easily share Power BI reports right away.

PowerPortal Benefits

Share Power BI Reports without Pro or Premium, Hassle-Free

Usually, anyone who receives a Power BI report must be a licensed Pro user, or your organization must be using Premium. Depending on how many people you’re sharing with, it can add up fast.

On top of that, it means a constant hassle of provisioning and admin work. You have to justify each license, complete authentication and setup, and onboard the user in downloading and learning at least the basics of Power BI.

This isn’t just time-consuming; it results in low adoption and high support requests.

With PowerPortal, the only users who need a license are those who create reports. For most organizations, that’s a very small number of people.

For everyone else, no license is needed, and provisioning is automated. You simply assign a username and password, and the user enters the portal in one click.

It’s that easy to share Power BI reports.

share Power BI reports


Self-Service Reporting with Granular Permissions and Row-Level Security

If you have different permission levels for different report-viewers, you know how frustrating it is to create multiple versions of the same report.

PowerPortal has row-level security and detailed permissions, so you can create just one report. When shared, viewers will see only the data they are allowed.

No Need to Bring Guests Inside Your Tenant

Many companies have understandably strict security protocols that prevent them from bringing guests inside their Azure Active Directory. Some choose to use Premium for encryption, but others prefer more control and less expense.

PowerPortal complies with even the strictest information security standards. It is a completely separate environment that bypasses your tenant or directory, and gives you full control. There is no risk of guests seeing sensitive information.

How to Share Power BI Reports for Free

Just click here and sign up for the free trial, and we’ll get you all set up.

And as always, if you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to get in touch.