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How to integrate Social Login in a Web API solution

How to Integrate Social Login in a Web API Solution

During my career, I’ve been involved in multiple web projects where the social login feature was a must. There are…

by Ionut Neagoș
Myths about Digital Transformation

Misunderstandings and Myths about Digital Transformation

If any of the below myths about digital transformation resonate with you or your team, here’s the good news: Resolving…

by Tecknoworks
artificial intelligence in healthcare

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: Can AI Solve the Covid Testing Crisis?

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: Summary Recently, test pooling has been suggested by Frankfurt Goethe University. This is a great example of…

by Cristian Lungu
wearables for healthcare

The Unstoppable Trend of Wearables for Healthcare (and Other Industries)

Just five years ago, wearables for healthcare were largely limited to fitness trackers, and were niche devices, with shipments of…

by Tecknoworks
Technology trends in retail

Reliable Technology Trends in Retail for 2020 and Beyond

When retailers list their business priorities, technology isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind. Even though technology has…

by Razvan Furca