How We Helped a Retailer Increase Their Margins by Optimizing Promotions


How We Helped a Retailer Increase Their Margins by Optimizing Promotions

As the digital age ushers in an era of data-driven decision-making, integrating AI into the retail industry has become indispensable. In this context, we undertook a project to help a supermarket chain optimize its promotional strategies, significantly improving its profit margins.

by Cristian Lungu

Insights from the State of Data + AI Databricks Report

The recent Databricks State of Data + AI Report reveals that we are in the golden age of data and AI. With the explosive growth of AI technologies and the rapid adoption of machine learning models, businesses are leveraging these advancements to drive innovation and efficiency. This blog post will explore the key findings from the Databricks report, offering insights into the current trends and future directions in data and AI.

by Cristian Lungu

Tecknoworks Announces Strategic Partnership with Databricks as System Integrators

Tecknoworks will integrate Databricks’ advanced data engineering, machine learning, and analytics capabilities into its service offerings. The unified platform provided by Databricks will enable Tecknoworks to offer more robust, scalable, and efficient solutions to its clients, addressing complex data challenges and driving innovation across industries.

by Cristian Lungu

30 Surprising Business Questions Data Can Answer

Tecknoworks Blog Imagine a world where guesswork takes a backseat and data drives powerful decisions. A world where you can…

by Cătălin Pop
Comprehensive Comparison of Cloud Data Warehouse Solutions

Comprehensive Comparison of Cloud Data Warehouse Solutions: Microsoft Fabric vs. AWS vs. GCP vs. Snowflake

Dive into our comprehensive comparison of cloud data warehouse solutions, including Microsoft Fabric, AWS, GCP, and Snowflake, to discover which platform offers the best blend of analytics, cost-efficiency, and data integration for your business needs.

by Adrian B