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Data Analysis in Business

Data Analysis in Business: 5 Tips for Getting Started

Tecknoworks Blog We all know that data is being generated at incredible rates, to the tune of 2 quintillion bytes…

by Tecknoworks
wearables for healthcare

The Unstoppable Trend of Wearables for Healthcare (and Other Industries)

Tecknoworks Blog Five years ago, wearable technology with health applications was primarily limited to fitness trackers and were niche devices,…

by Tecknoworks
rolling out a business intelligence tool

Rolling Out A Business Intelligence Tool: 3 Quick Tips for Success

Tecknoworks Blog Rolling out a business intelligence tool in any company, especially an enterprise organization, comes with risks that have the potential…

by Cătălin Pop
what big data is

Big Data: You Should Buy Bordeaux 2017 Now

Tecknoworks Blog Today our topic is practical, addressing what big data is in the real world. You could use the…

by Maurik van den Heuvel
Machine Learning Models

Machine Learning Models and Big Data

Tecknoworks Blog In our previous blog, we explored the concept of Big Data, briefly discussed the phases in a Big…

by Maurik van den Heuvel