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18+ Years of Microsoft Partnership

As early adopters of Microsoft technologies, Tecknoworks is in the top 1% of Microsoft Solution Partners worldwide. Along with this advanced organizational expertise, our team has earned dozens of elite Microsoft certifications and awards.


Business Intelligence Features

Our BI features help you gain valuable insights into your business operations enabling you to make better decisions, improve efficiency, and achieve better results.

Alignment with Business Objectives

Ensure that your BI projects align with your organization's strategic goals

We work closely with you and the other business stakeholders to understand your unique objectives and tailor our BI services to support your mission, drive growth, and maximize your return on investment.

User-Friendly Dashboards & Reports

You need to make smart data-driven decisions fast

Our BI services provide visually engaging, always-current, user-friendly dashboards and reports that allow users to cross-filter visuals, drill down, and perform ad-hoc natural language queries.

Data Integration & Management

Don't waste time dealing with data silos and inconsistencies

We help you consolidate, clean, and transform data from multiple sources and internal systems, creating a unified and easily accessible platform for all your business needs.

End-to-End Project Management

Experience a hassle-free BI project, from planning to deployment

Our end-to-end project management ensures smooth execution, from planning to deployment, with dedicated support teams to keep you in control and informed every step of the way.

Data Security & Compliance

Don't take any risk with data security and data compliance

Our BI services adhere to strict industry standards and best practices, keeping your sensitive data protected and compliant. We follow key regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, ISO27001, SOC 2, and PCI DSS to ensure the highest level of security for your data.

BI Environment Optimization

Clean up the data environment, reduce BI cost, monitor usage and security risks in BI

Our expert team analyzes your existing setup, identifying compliance risks, duplicate or unused reports or bad data reports.

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Improved Business Functions

Explore how our Business Intelligence solutions have empowered businesses by providing insights across various business functions:


Human Resources

Talent Acquisition, Workforce Planning and Learning & Development.



Campaign Performance, Customer Segmentation and Market Analysis.


Customer Support

Issue Resolution, Customer Feedback Analysis, and Agent Performance.



Sales Forecasting, Pipeline Management, and Customer Lifetime Value.



Process Optimization, Supply Chain Management, and Performance Monitoring.

Articles on BI Solutions and Tools

These articles can assist you in determining the optimal approach to BI solutions, regardless of where you are in your BI initiative. Our personal experience has led us to share this knowledge with others.

Tools & technologies we use

Leverage cutting-edge tools and technologies to transform your business intelligence landscape. Our team of experts specializes in utilizing industry-leading BI solutions, including:

Power BI

Empower your organization with interactive, real-time data visualizations and comprehensive reporting to make data-driven decisions confidently.

Azure Synapse Analytics

Unify your big data and analytics workloads into a single, integrated service that brings together big data and data warehousing, allowing you to gain insights faster than ever before.

Azure Analytics Services

Enhance BI capabilities with a fully managed, enterprise-grade data modeling service that scales to meet your organization's needs, with a high level of performance and reliability.

Unlock the Power of Your Data Today

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Case Studies

This is how we empower some of the world’s most innovative teams.

Drug utilization data research platform for pharma wholesalers

One of the largest pharma wholesalers in the Netherlands, NControl was sitting on a goldmine of company data, but not leveraging it in any way. This resulted in missed opportunities and a lack of organizational understanding, which the company was determined to address.

Real estate agency enriches its portfolio with an IoT data-driven solution

With many IoT devices already in place, the company realized how it could use environmental measurements to provide tenants with information to help maximizing return on their ‘green’ efforts.

Critical Investment Insights for a Global Mining Consulting Firm

Gathering and extracting data, calculating insights, and generating reports was a largely manual process, resulting in inefficiencies, inaccuracy, and hitting capacity ceiling. The client wanted to use machine learning to provide accurate and transparent reporting to aid operators, owners, and investors in strategic decision-making.

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