This September, we celebrated 15 years of Tecknoworks. And we wanted to make it special. The company was founded in Deva under the name of “SmartTech 2000”. So we decided to head to where it all began, the county of Hunedoara, in a beautiful location with a medieval feeling called Conacul Archia, where we could remember the good old days.

We spent a really nice evening there. The place was gorgeously decorated with nature inspired elements, the food was excellent and the people, the people were the ones who rounded all off.


By the entrance, we were pleasantly surprised with a frame filled with pictures from our 15 years journey so far, encapsulating the milestones and the peak moments that made Tecknoworks what it is today.

It was a nice throwback for the “veterans” of our company and an amazing opportunity for our novices to see the life of Tecknoworks unfold in a few images filled with Christmas parties, gifts, travels, and most importantly, smiles.


We had a campfire to blast away the chills of early autumn and a band which satisfied everyone’s taste in music, young or old, Michael Jackson fan or hard rock lover. We even had 2 of our colleagues play the guitar and the drum set together, and it sounded impressively good.


We took a lot of photos in the provided photo booth to mark the moment, enjoyed the delicious anniversary cake, danced like no one is watching and closed the night by cracking jokes near the dying flames of the campfire.

Everyone had a good time and each one of us is responsible for that. 15 years have passed, we did it! For the years to come, we’re ready! We’re making it happen.

About the author

Oana Silvia Tivadar is a developer at Tecknoworks specialised in the .NET technologies, both back and front-end.  

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